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Surgical Information Systems Virtual Booth

Welcome to Surgical Information System’s virtual trade show booth! With the spring and summer 2020 trade shows and association meetings being cancelled, postponed, or moved to virtual conferences, we have created an easy way for you to access up-to-date information on the ASC market and enable you to explore today’s ASC software solutions. There’s never been a more important time to use technology to engage and communicate with patients and physicians while optimizing operational, financial, and clinical outcomes. Come on in, look around, and let us know when you’re ready to talk.

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SIS Complete: Software for Today's ASC

Simply put, moving to the cloud makes sense. In no other time has that been more apparent than during the COVID-19 pandemic. SIS Complete positions ASCs to quickly adapt to their changing environment. It covers all aspects of ASC management, clinical documentation, patient management and communications, physician engagement, and analytics – all from one vendor to provide maximum value at a reduced total cost. And because it is in the cloud, SIS Complete is highly available, secure, and automatically updated.

Click here to read more about how SIS Complete can support your ASC in all times.



Keeping Your Revenue Cycle Healthy

As ASCs reopen and ramp back up, focusing on the revenue cycle is critical to securing your ASC’s future. Yet, you may not have the manpower or expertise to give your revenue cycle the attention it truly deserves. SIS can help. Our team of experts provides end-to-end revenue cycle management to speed billing and reimbursement, increase revenue, and maintain a consistent revenue cycle. Schedule a complimentary revenue cycle consultation to learn more.

Hear from our revenue cycle experts on an upcoming webinar or view webinar recordings posted in our Resource Library.



Using Technology to Improve the Patient Experience



What Clients are Saying about SIS Software & Services


“Having everything on one platform increases the interconnectivity between staff, physicians, and patients throughout the process, not just on the day of surgery.”

Bill MacKnight, Administrator

Beltline Surgery Center


“Everything I need is on a single screen. I can walk to the computer we keep in between operating rooms and complete my post-op note and the procedure note using these templates in just a few minutes, tops.”


Anthony Berg, M.D., Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Specialist

Spine Team Texas


“We didn’t have to spend the up-front capital necessary to purchase another server and didn’t have to hire IT staff to set it up, which saved thousands of dollars. We just installed computers where we didn’t already have them, and then started using the system.”


Jennifer Bednarchik, Chief Operating Officer

Livonia Outpatient Surgery Center

“We felt it was going to be a very easy migration [to the cloud]. And we were correct. Gone are the days of intensive on-site training because it is just so easy to use.”

Jon Van Valkenburg, CASC, Executive Director

Upstate Orthopedics Ambulatory Surgery Center


“Revenue Cycle Services has helped us decrease AR over 90 days from 41% to 26% and increase net collections by more than 60% so we have more revenue to invest in patient services.”

Joseph Myers, VP of Surgical Services

University Orthopedics Center


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If you are ready to lower your total cost of technology with a complete software solution that can help you manage all aspects of your ASC, all from one vendor, complete the form, call us at 800-866-0656 to speak to a SIS representative, or sign up for an upcoming SIS Complete web demo. SIS Complete is the right solution at the right time to help you improve your operational, financial, and clinical outcomes.

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