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Livonia Outpatient Surgery Center

Learn how transitioning to the SIS Charts cloud-based electronic clinical documentation solution helped this ASC: Reduce time spent on chart completion and retrieval, Save money on staff overtime, IT and paper, and Improve delivery of patient care.
Gramercy Surgery Center
Gramercy Surgery Center made the decision to transition to SIS Complete™ from an existing ASC EHR - the results have....
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Specialty Orthopaedics
Learn how Specialty Orthopaedics Surgery Center uses SIS Complete to reduce cost and inefficiencies associated with....
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Spine Team Texas

In this client story, learn how SIS Charts™ provided an answer for several issues that Spine Team Texas was experiencing.

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The use of paper medical records was slowing down chart completion and driving up overtime costs for Livonia....

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Bone and Joint Surgery Center of Novi
Bone and Joint Surgery Center of Novi (BJSCN) strengthens financial performance with SIS Revenue Cycle Services.
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Reliance upon a paper documentation process was creating numerous inefficiencies for OrthoIndy Hospital’s anesthesia....
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Upstate Orthopedics
Learn how Surgical Information Systems helped Upstate Orthopedics to improve system performance, update processes,....
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Rush Oak Surgery Center
Relying heavily on data and analytics for decision making, read how Rush SurgiCenter uses SIS Analytics™ as an efficient....
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What Clients Are Saying

Spine Team Texas Surgery Center

“The surveyor who I went over medical records with did nothing but rave over how easy and good SIS Charts is. I was able to run through her questions so quickly and efficiently. She told me she sees a lot of EMR systems or paper charts still, and this is the best.”

⎯ Stacey Lopez, ASC Administrative Coordinator at Texas Health Spine Surgery Center Read the Story

“I had never used an EMR before and didn’t want to start. But once I began working with SIS, I had an instant change of heart."

⎯ Alana Booth, RN, CASC, Administrator at PCET Read the Story

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