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SIS Anesthesia

Electronic Anesthesia Records 

An easy-to-use Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) for documentation from preop through postop.

Electronic Anesthesia Records 


Simpler Anesthesia Management 

Intuitive documentation combined with automation helps to increase productivity and lower costs through more efficient, streamlined workflows that enable anesthesia providers to focus on patient care. 



Workflow Wizards supports fast documentation with charting by exception and verification.



Designed to replicate the paper anesthesia record, so physician adoption comes naturally. 

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Automatic capture of vital signs and automated charge capture support productivity and professional fee billing. 


Save Time Documenting 

Create a comprehensive anesthesia record with automation in preop, intraop, and postop. Provide anesthesiologists and CRNAs easy access to information to help them take better care of their patients. 

SIS Anesthesia delivers powerful automation, including: 

  • Automatic capture of vital signs from supported devices
  • Automated charge capture for timely, correct professional billing
  • Embedded SNOMED codes assist in charting clinical findings
Intraop Chart
Hospital Analytics Anesthesia


Replicates a Paper Record 

Complete your electronic health record with electronic anesthesia documentation that is easy to use and makes anesthesia data available for quality analysis and targeted, intelligent improvements. 

Physicians embrace SIS Anesthesia’s familiar design, including:

  • Problem list for rapid review of a medical history
  • Electronic signature for quick record signing 
  • Easy documentation of fluid I/Os and vitals to ease transitions 

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SIS Surgery and AIMS solutions

Learn how SIS anesthesia and surgery software can help hospitals boost financial outcomes, strengthen operational outcomes, and improve clinical outcomes. 

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