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ASC Information Solutions
ASC Information Solutions

Software for Today’s ASC

Thrive in a constantly changing environment with the latest cloud technology built to meet the needs of all ASC stakeholders.

Comprehensive ASC Technology


Manage surgical cases from start to finish on a single platform in the cloud – all from one company with more than 20 years’ experience delivering surgical information technology and services. Click on the + signs next to each area of the map below to watch a brief video that explains how SIS Complete supports every step of surgical care.
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All-in-one solution connects patients, physicians, and the ASC throughout the surgical process to help improve efficiency, communication, and outcomes. 


Configurable solution designed for ASC-specific clinical, patient, operational, and financial workflows, minimizing changes to existing workflows.


Easy-to-use, intuitive interface makes implementation easy, and training takes hours, not days.

ASC Management


Transform your office management capabilities with current software that will change the way you look at day-to-day operations
Comprehensive ASC Management

Cloud-based ASC management includes surgeon office case request, scheduling, insurance verification, registration, billing, payment posting, accounts receivable, collections, and inventory.

Unique User Experience

Trackers guide front and back office staff through their worklists, and data defaults forward throughout the system so staff can simply validate information and override when there are exceptions.

Clinical Workflow Support

Preference cards drive the clinical workflow, not just supplies and resources, by generating the chart pack that contains nursing worklists and the physician op note template specific to that procedure or physician.


Physician Engagement

SIS Link™

Enable surgeon offices to electronically communicate with your ASC and submit case requests with personalized views into surgical availability.
ASC Physician Engagement Software
Online Case Requests

Electronic case requests replace inefficient paper, fax, and phone requests, removing the multiple discussions between the surgeon’s office and ASC typically needed to schedule a case.

Shared Documents

Attach electronic documents such as H&Ps to case requests and booked cases to facilitate communication between the office and ASC.

Accessible Postop Information

Ability for surgeon’s office staff to review information on performed cases with access to document attachments including the op notes helps prepare for postop follow-up and assists with billing.


Clinical Documentation


Delight nurses, surgeons, and anesthesia providers* with documentation that works the way they do with an intuitive design that anticipates their next move.
Mobile Physician Documentation

A mobile EMR makes it convenient for physicians to see their schedule, review attachments, and complete orders, op notes, and medication reconciliation on their smartphone or tablet, meeting physician expectations for technology at their fingertips.

Value-add Clinical Tools

Clinical tools – such as *Surescripts® integration for more accurate medication reconciliation, automated vitals capture, and preference cards that are integrated into the clinical workflow – add value to the EMR.

Electronic Tracking Boards

Patient tracking boards in Preop, OR, and Recovery help providers see where they need to be next and adjust their time if cases are running late, giving providers more control over their time. Waiting room boards improve communication and create a positive family experience.

SIS Charts is set up exactly how we intake and discharge our patients. It goes in a step-by-step order, so you really don’t even have to think about what your next step is. SIS Charts is easy, it’s fast, and it makes it very easy to retrieve information as well as put information into the computer.
Tish Burke RN ■ Preop Nurse ■ Livonia Outpatient Surgery Center

*Anesthesia documentation is available via an optional, add-on component, SIS Charts Anesthesia

Patient Engagement


Enable patients to electronically connect with your center – at their convenience and on their preferred device.
Convenient Patient Communications

Patient notifications via text or email facilitate communication between the ASC and patients to make exchange of information more convenient.

Electronic Questionnaires and Instructions

Electronic Preop and Postop questionnaires, surgical instructions, and reminders enable patients to complete Preop and Postop tasks from their phone or computer to improve the patient experience and compliance.

Part of the EMR

Answers to Preop and Postop questions are sent to the EMR, enabling nurses to review and verify patient-entered information instead of keying it in, which saves time.


Actionable Data


Turn data into insight to help deliver financial, operational, and clinical improvements for your ASC.
Key Performance Indicators

Quickly review key metrics that affect performance, identify areas for improvement, and track your results over time.

Role-based Dashboards

Gain insight at-a-glance into the health of your ASC’s top priorities such as accounts receivable, case volumes, and cash collections versus monthly targets.

Actionable Analytics

Take a deep dive into specific metrics to gain a greater depth of understanding of business and operational performance.

I would describe SIS Analytics as a ‘decision’ tool. It’s nice to see information about your ASC, but if you can’t drill into it further and feel confident about what the information is telling you about your performance, you ultimately can’t make good, educated decisions.
Wendy Stark-Riemer ■ Director ■ Rush SurgiCenter

Revenue Cycle Services

Improve the financial health and performance of your outpatient facility by putting your revenue cycle in the hands of an expert team.
Revenue Cycle Services
Faster Billing

Optimize billing with certified coders who are completely focused on perioperative services to help ensure optimal ASC reimbursement.

Accelerated Reimbursement

Accelerate collections and receive fewer denials and delays in reimbursements with claims that are submitted fast and accurately.

Correct Payments

Categorize and track denials to hold payers accountable for timely and accurate reimbursement.


*Surescripts Health Information Network additional fees may apply.

SIS ranked the #1 ASC software in 2022 by KLAS.

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