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Professional Revenue Cycle Services from SIS

Improve the financial health and performance of your outpatient facility by putting your revenue cycle in the hands of an expert team.

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Give Your Bottom Line a Big Boost

Revenue Cycle Management is the cornerstone of your ASC’s financial stability and health. If you are like most ASC’s, you run a lean team and may not have the time and resources to make sure every aspect of your revenue cycle is getting the attention it deserves. With professional revenue cycle services from SIS, we take care of the heavy lifting, leaving you free to do what you do best, provide affordable, high-quality care.
ASC Revenue Cycle Management
Faster Billing

The faster a claim is submitted to the insurance company, the shorter the time to receive payment. SIS's RCS team will help your ASC create well-defined workflows with daily, weekly and monthly measurement to ensure results are in line with expectations.

Accelerated Reimbursement

Our expert team codes your claims to meet exact payor requirements so that you can be paid for all the services you provide as quickly as possible. We conduct claims research and appeals to help your ASC manage increasingly complicated reimbursement models.

Increased Revenue

Improve overall collection efficiency and grow net collections percentage with persistent AR follow-up from the SIS RCS team, increasing the profitability of your ASC.

Revenue Cycle Continuity

With the SIS RCS team on your side, get claims out the door consistently, accurately, and on schedule so you can maintain a consistent revenue cycle and keep your team focused on patient care and satisfaction.

Not just Revenue Cycle Management, Revenue Cycle Improvement

Backed by data analytics, the SIS RCS team analyzes and monitors your ASC’s revenue cycle performance and provides recommendations for improvement.

Here's how it works!

ASC Analysis Software

Using SIS Analytics, we analyze your current RCM process and performance and identify areas for improvement.

ASC Revenue Cycle Management Plan

Collaborating with your team, we develop a RCS plan to maximize your revenue cycle opportunities.

ASC Revenue Cycle Management Implementation

Our team puts in RCM processes to minimize disruption to your day-to-day operations and put you in a position for financial success.

ASC Revenue Cycle Management Measurement
Performance Measurement

Using SIS Analytics, we measure your RCM KPIs to see the RCS effect on your financial performance.

ASC Revenue Cycle Management Optimization

Adjustments are implemented as we collect and analyze more data to make sure your RCM program is always optimized.

“Revenue Cycle Services has helped us decrease AR over 90 days from 41% to 26% and increase net collections by more than 60% so we have more revenue to invest in patient services.”
— Administrator, University Orthopedics Center

SIS ranked the #1 ASC software in 2022 by KLAS.

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