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Anesthesia and Surgical Software for Hospitals & HOPDs

Anesthesia Documentation

SIS Anesthesia™: Electronic Anesthesia Records

An easy-to-use Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) for documentation of anesthetic events from PreOp through PostOp.

Anesthesia Documentation icon
Anesthesia Documentation
Charting by exception with verification and advanced drug charting helps keep patient safe and ensures accurate drug capture.
Medical Device Integration icon
Medical Device Integration
Using a third-party product, SIS Anesthesia integrates with hundreds of monitors, ventilators, and infusion pumps.
Accurate Reimbursement icon
Accurate Reimbursement
Professional fee capture helps reduce turnaround time for payment and supports accurate reimbursement.

Perioperative Analytics

SIS Analytics™: Delivers actionable insights

Turn perioperative data into actionable insights. Unmatched insight into OR data provides the business intelligence needed to optimize OR performance and achieve clinical, business, and operational goals.

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Perioperative Analytics
Business Intelligence icon

Business Intelligence

With self-service business intelligence, easily drill into and analyze operational and clinical trends and issues.

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Key Performance Indicators

Access to KPIs with role-based dashboards enable your team to quickly review key metrics that impact performance.


Easy to Use

Easy to use and understand. Intuitive visuals and graphs speed user adoption, help benchmark performance, and track progress.

Surgery Software

SIS Surgery™:
OR Solution Covering Pre-Op thru Discharge

Chart less and capture more data with comprehensive surgery information management. designed to improve workflow and information management throughout the entire surgical process.

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Clinical Documentation Surgical Scheduling Patient Tracking

Clinical Documentation

Electronic documentation for your clinicians with charting by exception and easily configurable OR-focused workflows. Help ensure compliance with configurable required and suggested documentation fields.

Clinical Documentation

Surgical Scheduling

Better manage the schedule with productivity tools and advanced block time allocation. Cut costly delays and day-of-surgery cancellations with comprehensive resource management and conflict checking.

Surgical Scheduling

Patient Tracking

Electronic patient tracking displays, including HIPAA-compliant, family view boards. Proactively coordinate your care team and communicate patient and procedure information, and case delays and cancellations.

Patient Tracking

Interoperability: Proven Intergration with Your Hospital Enterprise

SIS integrates surgery and anesthesia information with your hospital enterprise EHR. By developing and implementing interoperability standards, SIS fills the perioperative gap in your hospital systems.

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Hospital Administration

Elevate the performance of your operating room with solutions that help improve financial, clinical, and operational outcomes.

  • Improve charge capture and reimbursement
  • Up-to-date and accessible patient records
  • Replace time-consuming, manual retrieval


Clinicians can increase productivity and lower costs using more efficient workflows that enable providers to focus more on patient care.

  • Streamline login with single sign-on from Active Directory®
  • Boost accuracy and efficiency by reducing manual data entry
  • Support patient safety with improved care team communication

IT Department

Integrating surgery and anesthesia information with your EHR is essential to helping ensure the health of both your patients and hospital.

  • Provide a comprehensive electronic record
  • Up-to-date and accessible patient records
  • Enable effective transfer of patient records to other providers