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SIS Charts

ASC Administrators have demanding jobs that require them to wear many hats, use various skills, and be flexible to meet the needs of their ASCs on any given day. Keeping staff and patients satisfied, staying ahead of the technology curve, and making sure the center runs smoothly, efficiently, and in the green are just a few of the many responsibilities.

The last thing ASC administrators need is for operations to bog down because staff resist using new technology. Take an electronic medical record – or EMR – as an example. Many doctors and nurses have had negative experiences with EMRs in the past, citing difficult and time-consuming learning curves, problems with software, and issues with vendor support.

But there is a solution. SIS Charts from Surgical Information Systems -- the electronic clinical documentation system made specifically for ASCs. SIS Charts is a cloud-based EMR, backed by over 20 years of deep surgical IT experience.

It was designed to work just the way doctors and nurses think, anticipating their next moves. Clinicians can access their clinical data anywhere, anytime, on nearly any device with an internet connection.

This cuts down on wasted time searching for paper charts and tracking down staff for signatures. It eliminates costs related to traditional paper charting – transcribing, printing, copying, scanning, and so on.

Because SIS Charts supports the delivery of safe patient care by communicating patient information in near real-time, the clinician can focus on what they need to do, taking care of their patients.

Clinical workflow tools make nurses more efficient when completing documentation. For example, patients can complete their preop and postop clinical questionnaires online at their convenience, and the information feeds into the clinical record for nurses to verify and confirm rather than key into the system.

And included integration with the Surescripts Medication History solution enables nurses to reconcile patient-entered medication information to enable more accurate medication reconciliation and reduce or eliminate manual drug data entry.

Because SIS Charts is delivered as a subscription-based service, the typical costs associated with paper charting and other EMR systems are greatly reduced.

It helps eliminate the need for up-front capital to purchase servers and additional equipment. It also reduces the need for additional IT staff, and cuts down on overtime getting caught up on charting or dealing with technical issues.

SIS Charts was designed to allow physicians to quickly and accurately complete their Op Notes within moments of finishing a procedure either at a desktop computer or on a smartphone via the physician mobile component.

Mobile documentation and schedule access, configurable charting by exception, and over-the-shoulder signing all speed up the process, improve accuracy, and provide a satisfying experience for physicians.

SIS Charts also offers patient tracking boards for every phase of the perioperative process. With Pre-op, PACU, Operating Room, and Waiting Room tracking boards, the staff and those in the waiting room can quickly see where a patient is, and what’s next in their care process.

The easy-to-read boards reduce chatter, confusion, and unnecessary questions -- saving time and resources, and improving staff satisfaction.