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SIS Complete

SIS Complete is an all-in-one technology solution that was built from the ground up specifically for the cloud. It includes everything you need to run your ASC from both the business and clinical sides.

Components include:

  • scheduling;
  • insurance verification;
  • registration;
  • electronic patient and staff notifications;
  • a patient portal for preop and postop electronic questionnaires and instructions;
  • patient tracker boards in the waiting room and clinical areas;
  • clinical documentation, including nursing, physician, and anesthesia;
  • automated vital sign capture;
  • medication reconciliation using the Surescripts Medication History;
  • physician office case request and communications;
  • configurable physician documentation via desktop or mobile device;
  • all aspects of coding, billing, and revenue cycle management;
  • and actionable analytics.

We can’t possibly cover all the functionality contained in SIS Complete in a short video, so here are some highlights. Scheduling features a contemporary user interface with tools to reduce scheduling time and drive workflow. Features like remote scheduling, block scheduling, and drag and drop make scheduling convenient and less burdensome. Insurance verification is now automated. Data flows into the system from a clearinghouse and awaits the center’s review. Registration allows for verification of demographic data, electronic signature capture on required documents, acquisition of required documents, and processing of the patient’s deposit all in one place. Clinicians can access their clinical data anywhere, anytime, on nearly any device with an internet connection. This cuts down on wasted time searching for paper charts and tracking down staff for signatures. It eliminates costs related to traditional paper charting – transcribing, printing, copying, scanning, and so on. Clinical workflow tools make nurses more efficient when completing documentation. For example, patients can complete their preop and postop clinical questionnaires online at their convenience, and the information feeds into the clinical record for nurses to verify and confirm rather than key into the system. And included integration with the Surescripts Medication History solution enables nurses to reconcile patient-entered medication information to enable more accurate medication reconciliation and reduce or eliminate manual drug data entry. Mobile documentation and schedule access, configurable charting by exception, and over-the-shoulder signing all speed up the process, improve accuracy, and provide a satisfying experience for physicians. With Pre-op, PACU, Operating Room, and Waiting Room tracking boards, the staff and those in the waiting room can quickly see where a patient is, and what’s next in their care process. Staff quickly complete their billing tasks in trackers that are prepopulated with payer, contract, and patient data to enable exception-based work. Robust inventory management capabilities remove manual processes to lower materials costs. SIS Complete is delivered securely in the cloud. Cloud-based solutions lower the total cost of ownership by reducing IT infrastructure and support costs and providing automatic upgrades. For more information, please contact your Surgical Information Systems account representative or call us at 800-866-0656. Surgical Information Systems, Powering Surgical Performance.