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Ambulatory Surgery Center Software

SIS Charts™

ASC Clinical Documentation Redefined

Cloud-based ASC clinical documentation covers all surgical phases and features clinical workflow tools that drive additional productivity for the ASC and value from the EMR.

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ASC Clinical Documentation Software

Making ASC Clinical Documentation Easier

Thoroughly intuitive, SIS Charts helps:
  • Automate manual charting processes, including vitals capture
  • Produce comprehensive, compliant, and legible patient records
  • Improve patient safety by putting the focus on the patient, not the documentation
Highly configurable, SIS Charts:
  • Fits your ASC’s clinical workflow and practices
  • Works how physicians and nurses think, anticipating their next moves
  • Makes documentation faster and easier than paper
Designed with physicians and nurses, SIS Charts:
  • Gives physicians a real-time view of the daily flow of your ASC, anywhere, anytime
  • Allows concurrent charting on the same patient in the same area of care
  • Includes productivity-enhancing technology such as over-the-shoulder sign-off
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Don’t Just Take Our Word For it!

In the PACU, nurses document vitals every 15 minutes. When you have four or five patients at one time in a fast-paced environment, it’s impossible to keep up. With electronic vitals capture, we just hook up the patient and it starts recording. The less time the nurse spends putting information in the computer, the more time the nurse is with the patient.

Teri Colletti, ARNP-C Administrator and Director of Nursing, Surgical Center of Central Florida in Lakeland, FL

Before (SIS Charts), I would end up dictating for 40 minutes at the end of the day. Now I am able to complete charting between every case, so when I’m done with my last case and document my last note, I’m done for the day. That’s a big difference.

Anthony Berg, M.D. Pain Management Anesthesiologist
Spine Team Texas in Southlake, TX

We didn’t have to spend the up-front capital necessary to purchase another server and didn’t have to hire IT staff to set it up, which saved thousands of dollars. We just installed computers where we didn’t already have them, and then started using the system.

Jennifer Bednarchik Chief Operating Officer,
Livonia Outpatient Surgery Center, Livonia, MI

Introducing SIS Charts Physician Mobile

EMR on the Go

  • Help physicians prepare for surgery with access to their schedule, attachments, and case details on their smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Improve compliance with chart completion by making it convenient and easy to complete medication reconciliation and op notes
  • Meet physician expectations of having technology available at their fingertips
Physicians increasingly expect technology to be a part of their professional lives. SIS Charts Physician Mobile helps physicians prepare for surgery by giving them convenient access to their current schedule, case details, and attachments. They can also sign off on orders, medication reconciliation, and op notes using whichever device they choose.
Jon Van Valkenburg, CASC ■ Executive Director of Upstate Ortho Ambulatory Surgery Center (UOASC) ■ Syracuse, NY

SIS Charts Tracker

Electronic Patient Tracking

  • Replace inefficient paper-based and white board tracking with electronic patient tracking boards for PreOp, OR, Recovery, and waiting room
  • Update patient status in near-real-time from the clinical documentation
  • Reduce chatter, paging, OR interruptions, and front desk staff questions
From the moment we implemented the patient tracking board in our waiting area, we saw immediate benefits. It has significantly reduced the frequency of family members and friends asking our front desk staff for updates on patient status because they can visually see their loved one's progress through the surgical event. Patient satisfaction has increased since family members experience less stress and uncertainty.
Jon Van Valkenburg, CASC ■ Executive Director of Upstate Ortho Ambulatory Surgery Center (UOASC) ■ Syracuse, NY

Clinical Workflow Tools

Patient Portal

Patient Engagement

SIS Exchange enables patients to complete their pre-surgical questionnaires and review instructions at their convenience, designed to significantly reduce preop phone call time. Reminders before surgery help reduce same-day cancellations and prepare patients for their payment responsibility.

Surescripts Integration


Integration with the Surescripts® Health Information Network enables more accurate electronic medication reconciliation. This interface imports the patient’s current home medications into SIS Charts, reducing or eliminating manual drug data entry.

First Databank Integration

First Databank

Automatically narrow down the medications that appear based on the medications that are typically given for a certain type of surgery and in a phase of care, making it significantly faster to select the commonly given medications.

Clinical Checklists

Clinical Checklists

Configurable clinical checklists are available for nursing documentation based on specialty. For example, for centers that perform spine procedures or any other procedures that need to assess a patient’s functionality, checklists may include: neurovascular assessment, muscle strength assessment, PERRLA (Pupils are Equally Reactive and Sensitive to Light and Accommodation), and the Glasgow Coma Scale.


SIS Charts™: Electronic Clinical Documentation for ASCs

Covers all surgical phases with configurable workflows and concurrent charting in the same phase of care.

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