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SIS Link

SIS Link™

Connecting Surgeons’ Offices and ASCs

SIS Link™, which is included with a SIS Office subscription, bridges the gap between the surgeon’s office and your ASC, making communications more streamlined and efficient.

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Software Connecting Surgeons' Offices to ASCs

Making Surgeon Office Communications Convenient.

Surgeon to ASC Communicaiton Software
For surgeons’ offices, SIS Link™:
  • Provides the surgeon office scheduler with a personalized view into the ASC schedule to search for available times.
  • Enables electronic case requests to replace time-consuming and inefficient paper, fax, and phone requests.
  • Electronically sends documents such as the H&P to the ASC, which then becomes part of the patient record.
  • Enables surgeon office staff to track the status of all pending, booked, denied, canceled, and performed cases.
  • Allows access to information on performed cases including the op note for postop follow-up and billing.
For ASCs, SIS Link™:
  • Makes the workflow easier between the surgeon’s office and ASC, increasing both staff and patient satisfaction.
  • Feeds case request information directly into SIS Office for review and acceptance, removing double entry or manual workarounds.
  • Uses the procedure and diagnosis dictionaries from SIS Office, eliminating the need to enter new procedure or diagnosis codes more than once or keep dictionaries in synch.
  • Enables the ASC to configure the required fields for case requests, ensuring the ASC receives all the information it needs to schedule the case.
Using SIS Link has been very easy from our ASC's perspective and the perspective of our physician offices. The flow of the offices scheduling their procedures into the ASC through SIS Link has been a great feature. We thought we would need to put more man hours and work into explaining SIS Link and getting the process to work well with the offices. That has definitely not been the case.
Amy CooperCEO of Green Mountain Surgery Center Colchester, VT
SIS Link Brochure

SIS Link™: Connecting the Surgeons' Office to Your ASC

SIS Link™ enables surgeon offices to electronically submit case requests at your ASC with personalized views into surgical availability.

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